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Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ Laundry Break #1 - 5 Gal.

Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ Laundry Break #1 - 5 Gal.

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Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ BLD #2 - 5 Gal.

The elevated pH of Clothesline Fresh BLD speeds up soil removal during washing by allowing the individual fibers of a fabric to open up which expedites entrapped soil release. A highly alkaline product that also contains water softening and soil anti-redeposition agents to aid in the washing process. Has a corrosion inhibitor built in, so there is no need to worry about equipment corroding when using this alkaline product. Also acts as an iron scavenger which will reduce low levels of iron in your wash. This product was formulated to contain new advances in chemical surfactants and cleaning technology to provide a deep cleaning formula. Liquid laundry detergent and laundry builder all-in-one. pH level: 9.0.

Alternate #7002-5

Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ Chlorine Bleach #4 - 5 Gal.

A chlorine based bleach that enhances the performance of Clothesline Fresh Laundry Detergents and aids in the removal of tough stains. Will get your whites their whitest.

Alternate #7004-5

Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ S4 Enzyme Spotter - Qt.

A concentrated laundry spotter and wash additive. The unique enzymatic activity of Clothesline Fresh Enzyme Spotter allows for quick penetration, digestion, and removal of the toughest stains and soils. The proprietary blend of enzymes found in Clothesline Fresh Enzyme Spotter allows for the quick removal of many types of stains particularly protein, starch, and manann gum based stains.

Alternate #7054

Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ Sour/Softener #9 - 5 Gal.

A combination product which neutralizes the pH of the finished wash to a comfortable level which will not irritate skin as well as softens washed linens. Maintaining proper fiber pH is important, not only for comfort, but will also prolong the life cycle of the washed fabric. Removal of excess alkalinity reduces fiber stress and the potential for fiber damage. Also softens and eliminates static cling from laundered fabrics. pH Level: 2.8 - 3.5.

Alternate #7009-5

Rubbermaid® Hygen™ Disposable Microfiber Cloth Kit

Innovative technology that offers optimal infection prevention, superior cleaning performance and improved productivity. White. Quat-safe and bleach-safe. Eliminates food sources for live pathogens. 240 cloths and 1 charging tub.

Alternate #1822350